Things to consider when planning the Itinerary

  • Do you have a wet weather option? Please keep an idea in mind if it looks like rain. Some nice matching umbrellas look cute for bridal photo session. 
  • Please keep in mind the travel time to each destination. Consider traffic and parking when listing start times. 
  • For groom preparations, I usually shoot for 30mins-1 hour. For bride preparations, 45mins-2 hours. Bride always needs more time than the groom. 
  • Post ceremony: Please allow 15-20 minute buffer time for post ceremony for the family photos. This is the time for family congratulations and hugs. Don't rush it, enjoy it. Once all the congratulations and family photos are done, we do a big group photo if you want one, then usually head off for the bridal photo session. 
  • BRIDAL PARTY PHOTOS/ BRIDAL PHOTO SESSION: In order to capture enough great moments I need at least 1 hour minimum from when the 1st photo is taken in this session to the last. The time you enter for this segment does not start when the ceremony ends, it starts when we arrive on location and I first press the shutter. Please keep in mind the daylight and the time of sunset of where the location will be. I won't be held responsible if it gets dark when we start to take photos. Great photos need daylight, not moonlight. 
  • Do you have transport to get to the bridal party photo session? Please make sure you have your own transport to move around in after the ceremony.
    Do not plan on walking anywhere unless it's on the same grounds. 
  • For family photos, ask a family member who knows both sides of each family to organise the groups and move people around. This frees you up so you can just stand where the photos are being taken and family can step in and out. Time is very important after the ceremony and this can chew up a lot if not planned properly.
  • Please allow 5 mins from cutting the cake to first dance. It's very stressful if you run straight into the first dance after the cake and the camera people still need to change a lens or get a battery. For video this extremely important as I will need to sometimes change cameras entirely. If you want all of the first dance recorded, take 5 before you take your first steps. 
  • Once you walk down the aisle at the end of the ceremony, how far will you walk? If its a church, leave the building if you want, if it's an outdoor wedding, don't walk 50 meters away from everyone. Just walk to the end of carpet and then let people congratulate you. If there's an option to stand in shade or sunlight, please stand in shade. Much better for photos.
  • Will you be wearing fake tan? Please be aware of how it looks in photos against other skin(Groom). I don't retouch/edit the colour of fake tan.
  • If there is anyone in particular at the wedding that you would like a photo with, please don't hesitate to tell me at any point during the day. 



Please fill out form correctly. This is the itinerary that I refer to on the wedding day.
If you make a mistake, or change something in the days before the ceremony, re-fill the form correctly. 
You can find this link in the email I sent you. I can send you this once filled out for your reference so please remind me.
The time you enter for each box is the time 'I' arrive and start. The time you want me there.
Please do not enter the start time for the ceremony with the time that you (the bride) enter. 
If I am doing videography at your wedding then I need 30mins before the ceremony starts to set up. 
I won't be held responsible if these times are incorrectly entered. 


Photographers/Videographers  Itinerary

This is the only itinerary I use. If you make changes to the day, you need to re-fill this out again.

Photography or Video
Day/Month/Year and in Long form - 25th December 2017
Please list the names followed by the numbers
If you do not wish to have grooms prep then leave - NA
If you do not wish to have brides prep then leave - NA
*Videography needs 30 minutes prior ceremony start time to set up.
Ceremony *
Family Photos
Group Photo
Please list all the places if more than one.
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Website / Instagram
Website / Instagram
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