What is the general run down of a typical wedding?

The day usually starts with groom preparations, followed by bride preparations, then the ceremony, followed by a group photo if needed, then family photos. 
Bridal party photos are next then we head to the reception. 

How long do bridal party sessions usually go for and where do we do them?

Bridal party sessions usually go for 1-3 hours. They can take place on the location of the ceremony if it suits or we can head to a few different close locations depending on time. Always keep in mind the time of year and the time of sunset. To get great photos you need great light. It gets dark in winter much earlier then in summer.

How do you shoot the groom and brides preparations on the same day and do I need a second shooter to do so?

You do not need a second shooter for this. I always shoot the groom first. This is usually 30 mins - 1 hour, depending on how many photos you are after. Once finished with the groom I will head to the brides place.  This is usually 1 hour - 3 hours, also depending on time and how many photos you are after? Each segment usually starts off with photos of the groom or bride chilling out, relaxing with their family and friends with a champagne or beer. I will document the nature of the morning along with the details of each persons outfit and accessories (suit and dress etc). I can photograph the stages of getting dressed, (sox, shoes, shirts, jackets, ties, dress, heels etc ) keeping it all G rated of course. After that we usually go into the garden to get some nice family and group photos before everyone leaves. The last photos of everyone before the ceremony. Nerves are running high.

What happens if it rains on the day and we have an outdoor wedding planned?

I always suggest to have a backup plan for outdoor weddings. This can be a marquee or tarpaulin if the ceremony is in the open or have a simple cheap venue in mind if you need move into if the weather permits. These venues can be Surf Clubs, RSLs, Schools, Community Centres. Sometimes the reception venue will have a large room you can move into if the rain sneaks in. For rain after the ceremony during the bridal party segment, some nice matching umbrellas can look smart, (white or black or a range of colours) if there is no undercover areas.

Can we have a second shooter on the day?

Yes, I have worked with some great photographers over the years and can arrange a second shooter upon request. 
A second shooter is $600 for 6 hours minumum. $100 per/hour extra.

How many photos will I receive on my USB and do you supply a certain amount of photos?

I don't cap the amount of photos taken during the day. I will shoot till my hearts content, delete all the double photos that are not needed and then process and edit all the rest. There is no back and forth deciding on what photos you want me to edit or any time wasting of that matter. I simply give you all the photos, professionally edited and colour graded from the day. For a typical 7-8 hour wedding there will be minimum 800 photos on the USB. 

Can I choose what photos are in the Album?

Normally I select what photos go into the album to best describe and tell the story of the day. If there are any special photos that you want in the album such as a photo of your grandad then I can easy add it in upon request. No probs. 

Do you stop the clock for travel time between each segment. 

No, I don't stop the clock for travel time. If you book me for 8 hours and there is 2 hours of travel time in total between each location, it's still paid for. 
You book me for the hours required from start of day til the end of day. No stopping in between.

How come wedding photography/videography seems expensive?

There is a huge amount of work involved in running a wedding photography business. Great quality images require great quality gear.
The reliable cameras and lenses are not cheap, the computers and programs to edit it all on are not cheap either. And the bottom line is that this is an art form that requires creative skill, experience and attention to detail. Not something a robot can do. My prices are very competitive in the industry as I try to make quality work available for everyone. If you have a certain budget, let me know and I'll do my best to accomodate.

Will there be a travel cost if my wedding is in Melbourne, Brisbane, Noosa, Perth, New Zealand etc?

Yes, if your wedding is outside of the Gold Coast in QLD there may be a travel fee. 


Any further questions, please feel free to hit the 'Contact' button and ask away.